Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Give Liew Chon Kong a Chance to Live!!!!!!

A 10-year-old boy suffering from thalassemia since he was one desperately needs a stem cell transplant.

Liew Chon Kong has been undergoing blood transfusions every month at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital since he was four.
Lam Mei Lin, 37, said Chon Kong, the elder of two sons, has been suffering from constant headaches and extreme fatigue since young

“The doctors have said the best option now is to go for the transplant, as frequent blood transfusions put him at risk of an iron overload.

“Such overload can damage his heart and liver,” she told a press conference organised by Johor MCA Public Complaints Bureau chief Chia Song Cheng.
Lam, an administration officer at a factory, added that none of her family members had matching stem cells.She had spent more than RM28,000 to search for a match via the Sultanah Aminah Hospital as well other hospitals in Singapore, but to no avail.

“I have since consulted a transplant team at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, who has informed us that they have found a match.

“However, the suitable stem cells as well as the transplant cost about RM350,000 and the surgery is scheduled for October,” she said, adding that her husband was an air-conditioning technician. Lam added that she had managed to collect RM50,000, but needed help from the public to raise the rest of the amount.

“I appeal to the public for their kindness as my son’s life depends on the surgery,” she said.
Chia hoped people could show their kindness to Chon Kong’s family.

ON BEHALF of the LEO CABINET and District President Eliza, we are setting up a fund to help little Chon Kong. Via Facebook, Lion Alan Thoo raised quite an amount before for 2 individuals. Let's see if Perak Leos, using the same method, can do something about this... and can raise a little something... for Liew Chong Kong? 

Let's see if! let's put our hearts together and let's do this!!!! Let's see what all of us can do and come up with in the next 48-72 hours. And let's just do it!


Lion Marcus Loh
RCC for Leo 
Region 5
District 308B2 (Malaysia)

Greetings Perak Leos!!!!!

A big BIG Welcome Back to the official Perak Leo Blog... I have recently done a facelift to it, adding new stuff and soon, we will combine more news into one!!!! Right here.. on the Official PERAK LEOS ROAR!, your online portal!!!! 

In this fiscal year, 2010/2011, our state of Perak, is divided into Region 4 & 5 following the District's guidelines of Lions Clubs division of regions. Even so, I strongly believe the two regions will still combine our hearts and soul together to bring out the best in leadership, events and activities as PERAK ..... WE ARE ONE!!!

We have just recently completed our RCC meeting and we shall be organizing more projects to build our regions 4 & 5 from leadership training to workshops, community services to health projects and more! Do contact me or Lion Mary Goh for any information that you need. We will be more than happy to be there for you to guide your path to a successful year ahead of you!

If you remember during Lion Alan's briefing at the RCC meeting, he urged all  Leo Clubs to SERVE with PASSION as our District Lions theme. It is only with that unconditional Passion that we will be able to be STRONGER THAN BEFORE!!!!!

Also, if you do not know by now, RCC for Leo Clubs Region 4, Lion Mary Goh, was awarded the International President Certificate for her excellent services rendered to the welfare of the community and the upbringing of the Leos in Perak. Also, other Lions in Ipoh who have received this a month back was DC Lion Alan Thoo, Lion Simon Leong, Lion Baki Zainal and myself, all from IMNC Lions Club! We believe as long as you put your hearts to it, and go that distance.. dont turn back.. u wil surely make it! Roar!!!!!

I am also very happy to see that at the start of the fiscal year, we already have a cross regional project taking place... Even though we are from the same state, but Leo Club of Pei Yuan (Region 5 Kampar) and Leo Club of Sam Tet (Ipoh Region 4) combined efforts to visit Vision Home and actually cook for the orphans there! Heeding the call of DC Leo, Lion Alan Thoo at the RCC meeting, the two clubs took up the challenge to MAKE A DIFFERENCE at this visit rather than doing something that has been done before! A big hand to their effort! Keep up that spirit!!! Roar!!!!

Please contact me or FB tag me on your activities for me to post here ya!


Lion Marcus Loh
RCC for Leo
Region 5, District 308B2 (Malaysia)

Monday, June 29, 2009

IMPORTANT: Travelling Cross Regions and Goodbye!

Dear Leos,

In lieu of the great response from myself encouraging more cross regional or even cross district projects... I would like to stress on a few main issues prior to committing ya:

i) Parents conset - "Die Die" must get! No questions asked!
ii) School/Lions advisors - Very important to all of you is.. YOU NEED to inform your school authorities and Lions advisors. If they do not allow, please follow the rules then.

As today is the last 2 days as your RCC for Region 3 (now... Region 4 after 1st July), I would like to say that I have learned more from you than you have from me. I have learned patience, determination and the desire to achieve the inevitable. Most of all, I have learned to stay young and healthy. HAHA.

For the Outgoing Leos, if you are staying in Ipoh for now, don't forget that there are 2 active Omega Clubs in Ipoh ready to accept your membership. Just register now.. and when you've finished your Form 5... activate yourself again!! Remember ~ Studies come first! :)

Alright, not going to get all teary... Take care of yourselfs Perak. Don't let me down ya!!! :)



Lion Alan Thoo
RCC Region 3

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Be a lucky winner!!!!! Just Click "Follow"!!!!!

Dear LEOs....

Just a matter of a few more days till I relinquish my duties as your RCC in Region 3! :) Remember, come this new fiscal year... there'll be more challenges and fun at the same time!!! So, keep on rockin'.. keep on ROARRRRINGGGG!!!!

And.. you might just be the next winner!!!! Just click "Follow" @ the followers @ our brand new DISTRICT 308B2 LEO BLOG!!!! Follow the link and find out more!!!!


Ln Alan Thoo
DC Designate Leo Clubs

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fishing Fish by Fishermen...

I always like to use Fish and Chicken in my theories and stories. I remember my interview for the Star on the CelebriTeens came out about the "Chicken and the Fish " story.... ha ha ha. you may google that up. Today, I would like to talk about Fishing Fish by Fishermen...

Imagine this... there are many Fishermen groups that set sail everyday.. out to the ocean. To grade these Fishermen... let's separate them to some form of categories.

1. The Fishermen that want to learn, why is it after tons of hardwork, days of endurement, years of torture etc etc... their catch is still low as compare to others
2. The Fishermen that have garnered successful catches everytime they go out..
hugeeeee success every year, but out of a sudden, the catch start to drop!!!!
3. The Fishermen that have problems with their boats, their rod, net, engine.. you name it!
The catch is low not because the fishermen is not hardworking. it simply is because they do not have the "equipment", or perhaps, even the knowledge of how to catch better fish... eventhough their equipment is not soooo canggih!
4. The Fishermen who has trouble with manpower...
5. The Fishermen who has issues with the "Fishing" authorities.

6. The Fishermen who don't bother how much fish they catch!!!!

7. The Fishermen whose head is effective
, highly energetic, but the others in the team not bothered or motivated to do fishing!!!!

Imagine there's this entire fishing village that has a few groups of fishermen with the attitude as above...

- Some have better boats... faster, more high tech, you name it!!!
- Some have nets and some don't.. some only have rods
- Some have too many head fishermen!
- Some have great head fishermen, but hopeless helpers, or great helpers with lousy heads...!
- Some have problems with the "fishing" authorities.. where the boats are not allowed to set sail at all!!!!!
- Some have their "fathers" and "mothers" trying to over-rule their plans and create issues..
- Some groups are simply not interested at all in fishing!
... bla bla bla... the list goes on and on!!!

When some of the fishermen came home with big catches... or at the ANNUAL FISHERMEN CATCHES OF THE YEAR....some fishermen groups got big catches, or big or many awards of recognition for their hardwork etc etc.... like the BEST FISHERMEN, the FASTEST FISHERMEN, the MOST EFFECTIVE FISHERMEN.....whatever....!

But, REMEMBER......at the end of the day.... it is the FISHERMEN, that went out to the sea.. battled with the storms and calmness of the oceans... it is the hardship that the fishermen endured to get what they so desire to have...TO ACHIEVE THE INEVITABLE.. THE IMPOSSIBLE...!!!!

Hence, the Village Head might just want to say...
"There's no need to thank me cause the catch is done by you and your team! Not me. Cause I just taught you how to fish. I didn't fish for you....It was you who set sail out to the oceans... I was just waiting at the shores for your return"

~ Moral of the story ~
When the fishermen have gained success.... It's not the Village Head's work. It's the Fishermen themselves... that deserve every single recognition! Remember that! Be proud of what you have all achieved...

~~~~~~The End`~~~~~~

Awards presented @ the 36th MD LEO Forum in Penang

SMK Anderson Ipoh, SMK St Michael’s Institution, SMJK Nan Hwa, Sitiawan; SMJK Pei Yuan, Kampar; SMJK Sam Tet; SMJK Ave maria Convent; SMK Idris Shah, Gopeng; SMK St. Bernadette’s Convent, Batu Gajah; SMJK Poi Lam, Ipoh; SMK Sultan Ahmad Shah, Cameron Highlands; Poi Lam High School, Ipoh; SMJK Shing Chung; SMJK Yuk Kwan, Batu Gajah; SMJK Yuk Choy, Ipoh; Ipoh Unity, Ipoh NexWave

OUTSTANDING: Anderson, SMI, Nan Hwa, Pei Yuan, Sam Tet, Ipoh Unity

MERIT: Leo Thanussha Mohan (SAS), Leo Lau Jia Ying (AMC), Leo Lee Kah Jun (NanHwa), Leo Lee Ker Shin (SMJK Poi Lam), Leo Choo Mun Yee (PeiYuan), Foong Chee Kiat (Ipoh Unity)
OUTSTANDING: Leo Geston Yong (SMI), Leo Justin Yee Jun Wei (Anderson), Leo Tan Inn Shen (Sam Tet), Leo Yong King Yew (SIS), Leo Chin Pui Mun (SBC)

MERIT: Leo Navin Kumar (SAS), Leo See Su Khim (AMC), Leo Teoh Sue May (Nan Hwa), Leo Fong Chee Chung (Pei Yuan)
OUTSTANDING: Leo Lee Haw Tung (SMI), Leo Jeremy Goh Ti-Vei (Anderson), Leo Woo Sooi Yung (Sam Tet), Anna Chan & Foong Sok Wah (Ipoh Unity)

MERIT: Khor Sze Tee (SAS), Vivian Lee Wooi Voon (AMC), Wong Jing Ting (NanHwa), Hah Chien Wei (SMPL)
OUTSTANDING: Leo Lee Yee Yang (SMI), Leo Choo Zhan Wei (Anderson), Leo Ong Yuan Jenq (Sam Tet), Leo Hor Soek Ting (Pei Yuan); Geraldine Cheong (Ipoh Unity)

MERIT: Mah Pei Yew (SBC), Chan Kah Wai (Sam Tet)
OUTSTANDING: Stephen Liew Chee Seng (SMI), Choo Zhan Zhun (Anderson), Emily Teh (Ipoh Unity)

MERIT: Ng Soon Sun & Liew Ching Ken (ST), Khoo Kok Tong (NanHwa); Phoon Li Shan, Lee Kar Shwen & Kimberly Cheong (AMC), New Wei Yan & Chua Siew Kuan (PY)
OUTSTANDING: Leo Lee Wei Phun, Leo Cheong Guo Kang & Leo Tham Kuen Wei (SMI); Leo Vivian Loh Wai Mun & Leo Wince Wong Mei Shan (SBC), Lau Yau Kin & Loke Wai Yew (Ipoh Unity)

LEO MERIT: Chain Yean Shan (AMC), Tam Hong Le (Nan Hwa), Leo Toon Kah Chuen (SMI), Leo Daniel Kok (ST) OUTSTANDING: Steven Tiw Tee Siang (SMI), Leo Cheong Chee Soon & Leo Yong Jun Keat (Anderson), Leo Sophia Lee (SBC), Eliza Chia (Ipoh Unity)

Merit: Leo Lai Tay Loong (ST), Leo Amelia Song (AMC), Leo Isabella Gan Sean Yu (SIS), Kong Chen Xi (Nan Hwa)
Outstanding: Leo Adriann Gee & Leo Tan Sze Ngou (SMI); Leo Mak Lai Cheng (SBC), Chester Chai (Ipoh Unity)

Outstanding: Anderson, NanHwa, Shing Chung; Ipoh Unity

Outstanding: Anderson, SMI, NanHwa, PeiYuan, Ipoh Unity
Merit: AMC, Sam Tet

Spotlight on Children: Joint Service Project (Ipoh Unity & South Kowloon Leo Club)
Environmental: Modern Technology Owes Ecology An Apology (ST); Keep Our City Clean (SAS)
Health: “Save Your Kidney’s Campaign” for National Kidney Foundation (Anderson); “Save Your Kidney’s Campaign” (SMI); "Seeding Life Into Health" (AMC); "AIDS Awareness Campaign" (NanHwa) & "World AIDS Awareness Campaign" (Anderson).
Leo Idol: Anderson (Asst. @ Grand Finals), SMI (Hosted Region 3 finals & asst. @ Grand Finals)

Outstanding: "Music-The Essence of Life" & "Dance,One Beat One step One Move" (ST), "Music Is The Path To Friendship" (SBC), "Szechuan Earthquake Donation Drive" (NanHwa), "Culture the Essence of Race" (SIS), ISPCA Long Term Service Project (Ipoh Unity)

Outstanding: "Earth Hour" (SMI, Anderson, ST, AMC, SIS, SBC);

Cheng Sai Kit, Chung Yong Yang & Khor Er Vin (SMI); Chris Chin Chee Theng, Liew Pui Mun & Yong Kar Leng (AMC); Lok Siaw Leng (YukKwan), Vivek Kumar & Megat Hafizzuddin (SAS), Phuah Jou Ning (NanHwa)

Outstanding: Anderson, SMI, ST, NanHwa
Merit: PeiYuan, SBC

Anderson, SMI, ST, NanHwa, PY, AMC, SAS, Sing Chung, SIS, SMPL, SBC, Ipoh Unity, Ipoh Nexwave

Pn Chan Yoke Pheng (Anderson), Pn Jot Mao Tan & Pn Tan Cheng Choo (SMI); Mr.Henry Soon Seong Lim (ST), Madame Loh Pit Cheng & Madame Jasminder Kaur (SBC) &
Lion Mary Goh, Lion Simon Leong, Lion Marcus Loh, Lion Tony Cheong

Alvin Chong, Azizi Zakaria, Ben Samarajoo & Zenny Lyn (Ipoh Metro); Leo Justin Yee (Anderson), Lion Baki Zainal

TOP PRESIDENT: Leo Geston Yong (SMI)
TOP MEMBER: Leo Steven Tiw Tee Siang (SMI)
TOP CLUB: Leo Club of Anderson, Ipoh

TOP PRESIDENT: Foong Chee Kiat (Ipoh Unity)
TOP SECRETARY: Geraldine Cheong (Ipoh Unity)
TOP MEMBER: Eliza Chia (Ipoh Unity)
TOP CLUB: Ipoh Unity

Remember.. the fishing was all done by the fishermen under the leadership of the head fishermen..... not the Village Head... :) So be proud of your own achievements.. be proud of what you have done this fiscal year.....!!!!

Congrats Region 3.. I'm very proud of you to the max!

Signing Off....

Ln Alan Thoo
RCC Leos
Region 3

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Pirate's Conquest (The Official Region 3 LEOs Farewell)

Contact person
- Leo Steven (014-6209695) -
- Leo Cheong Chee Soon (016-5649900) -
- Leo Zenny Lyn (016-3208889) -
Places are extremely limited....

Hosted by Baki Zainal
(NTV7's 你好 Mr Siao & 8TV's Celebrity Chat Live!!!)

Proceeds from the event will go to the
National Kidney Foundation (NKF)